SELVMORD - Nyttårsny / Vintermorgen - DIGI CD
SELVMORD Nyttårsny / Vintermorgen

Nyttårsny / Vintermorgen

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etichetta: Blasphemous Creations Of Hell
Data di uscita: 03 aprile 2021
formato: DIGI CD
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After three demos spanning different genres, Selvmord's "
is the musical representation of desolate, ancient and frostbitten landscapes of Kittelsen's Art. Freezing guitars, repetitive and hypnotic riffs, distant shrieks and sparse analogue synthesizers that pays hommage to the Masters of Norwegian Black Metal.
A 40 minutes journey from the depths of Darkness, to the Light.

1. Nyttårsny 19:26
2. Vintermorgen 19:56