SERPENTFYRE - Baptism Of Shadows - LP
SERPENTFYRE Baptism Of Shadows

Baptism Of Shadows

€ 21,00

etichetta: Altare Productions
Data di uscita: 12 maggio 2022
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


Altare is proud to present the the highly expected follow up of "Bestial Mysticism" (released by the legendary Mordgrimm in 2015). Fast, venomous, melodic Finnish Black Metal of the highest caliber. 

Black vinyl, comes with an insert. 

1. Black Funeral Coffins 00:00
2. Faceless Horns Ascend 05:03
3. Flame of Shadows 11:23
4. Luciferian Light of the North 17:44
5. Kaaos kaiken nielköön 24:13
6. Father of Wolves 30:00
7. Of Rebirth and Illumination 34:29