SERPENTS OATH - Ascension (Gold Vinyl) - LP
SERPENTS OATH Ascension (Gold Vinyl)

Ascension (Gold Vinyl)

€ 20,00

etichetta: Soulseller
Data di uscita: 15 luglio 2022
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


Comes with double sided inner sleeve printed on 220gsm carton coated paper with matte machine varnish, housed in a 300 gsm carton outer sleeve with silver lamination and matte machine varnish.
Features different artwork than cd version!

1.Invocation Pestum 00:40
2.Summoning the Ancients 04:37
3.Thy Mighty Serpent 05:27
4.Invocation Perversum 00:51
5.Blasphemy 03:52
6.Bring down the Sun 04:56
7.Invocation Maledictum 00:36
8.Sworn to the Oath 04:53
9.Of Fang and Claw 03:58
10.Invocation Infectum 00:34
11.Death the Destroyer 05:08
12.Blood Moon 05:54