SHINING - X - Varg utan flock - DIGI CD
SHINING X - Varg utan flock

X - Varg utan flock

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nazione: SWE
etichetta: Season of Mist
anno: 2018
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Usato

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SHINING, led by lightning rod front man Niklas Kvarforth, enter their third decade with the epic new album 'X - Varg Utan Flock' (English translation: ‘Wolf Without A Pack’). As is their wont, SHINING use black metal as a foundation upon which to build epic and radical songs that smash all genre convention. The charismatic Kvarforth, ever the conductor of madness, leads the charge with some of metal's most daring and expressive vocals. With 'X - Varg Utan Flock', SHINING proves once and for all that they stand alone as one of black metal's most intrepid bands.