SKOGEN Skuggorna kallar - Ltd

Skuggorna kallar - Ltd

€ 21,00

nazione: SWE
etichetta: Nordvis
anno: 2018
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


Under a frozen Swedish moon, Skogen have their sonic pentagram of albums in homage to the stark, nebular beauty of their motherland. Theirs is a blackened folkish metal possessed by the mysteries of nature and dedicated to paying homage to its majesty, both in light and darkness. This polarity is felt in the music as subtly beautiful melodies and clean vocals are woven into the more pervasive darker tones that saturate Skuggorna Kallar, like the blanket of night, heavy with dew. You could say that it is simultaneously the band’s most complete and darkest work to date.

- Gatefold, White vinyl