SONUM - Visceral Void Entropy - LP
SONUM Visceral Void Entropy

Visceral Void Entropy

€ 16,00

etichetta: Dusktone
anno: 2024
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


- limited to 100 copies
- insert

Originally released only on CD in June 2022, "Visceral Void Entropy" got attention from the media and the public for its personal formula rooted in dissonant and dark death metal. Dusktone has decided to reissue this debut in VINYL on March 1st, 2024.

"Sonum acutely dissect the core values of death metal according to oblique readings and twisted looks, stretching its tentacles toward avenues of expression not rigidly associated with the genre, as much as a shifting and disturbing personal taste that spreads venomously through all the music" (

"A lot happens in the 53-minute runtime, but unlike more dissonance-heavy acts, the earthy nature of Sonumߵs riffcraft and bark-forward verses keep me wholly engaged" (Angry Metal Guy)

A new video will be released on February 16th. Pre-orders will open the same day. New merchandise will be released in bundle with the vinyl version of the record.

1 The Poison We Create 6:51
2 Come Back From The Pyre 7:19
3 The Call 2:48
4 Feel Them Breathe 6:13
5 Iconoclast 7:15
6 Bury My Body Here 6:35
7 I Am Destruction 6:00
8 Desolation 3:09
9 New Omega 7:41