SORGETID - Natt av Tusen Dödsfall - CD
SORGETID Natt av Tusen Dödsfall

Natt av Tusen Dödsfall

€ 14,00

etichetta: Werewolf
Data di uscita: 04 settembre 2023
formato: CD
Condizione: Nuovo


WEREWOLF RECORDS is proud to present SORGETID's striking debut album, Natt av Tusen Dödsfall

SORGETID exclusively play Nordic black metal, from Finland. The name SORGETID may be new, but the creator behind it isn't: Finnish underground veteran V-Khaoz, renown for such bands as VARGRAV, DRUADAN FOREST, GRIEVE, and EMBRYONIC SLUMBER among many others, stretching back to the late '90s. With SORGETID itself, V-Khaoz indeed delves even deeper (and earlier) into the '90s, presenting vintage obsidian, both style- and production-wise, that respects the now-ancient time when black metal was only made by individuals who were truly dedicated to it. "In my reality, no other kind of black metal exists," he firmly states.