SVIATIBOR - Secrets Of The Land - Ltd - LP
SVIATIBOR Secrets Of The Land - Ltd

Secrets Of The Land - Ltd

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etichetta: Flowing Downward
anno: 2020
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo

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Limited to 100 Copies
Limited Edition 12" Vinyl sunburst dark yellow and black

After four years of silence, it is finally time for SVIATIBOR to unveil their new release.

SECRETS OF THE LAND is a massive work of Pagan Atmospheric Metal music, gathering numerous layers of epic orchestration, electronic soundscapes and folk instruments. It will take you on an inward journey through the ways of yore, and let you hear the voices of your ancestors speaking in your heart.

1.Armies Of A Luminous Eye 05:28
2.Primitive Time Remembrances 08:03
3.In The Burial Mound (Interlude)
4.Yore Resonating
5.Heralds Of The Sun
6.The Descendant's Revival