THE DARK RED SEED Stands With Death

Stands With Death

€ 6,00

etichetta: Prophecy
anno: 2017
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Nuovo


The Dark Red Seed is the musical outlet of Tosten Larson, guitarist for Seattle dark folk musician King Dude. A self-coined 'metaphor for the heart', The Dark Red Seed represents a direct reference to life – and death – itself. The duo, which also includes King Dude engineer Shawn Flemming, is now about to release its debut EP, "The Dark Red Seed Stands with Death".

Described as 'a study of death', "The Dark Red Seed Stands with Death" is a dark, dusty discourse on the departure and ultimate dissolution of life; a powerful expression of absolute loss shaped through Larson's haunting, Cash-like delivery. Each of the EP's three songs represents various aspects of death (the death of America, death of culture and death of reality through technology and globalization), drawing on deep feelings and unanswered questions to create living, breathing sound.