TONNERRE - La nuit sauvage - CD
TONNERRE La nuit sauvage

La nuit sauvage

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Data di uscita: 23 aprile 2024
formato: CD
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Heavy, blues-based rock that you can dance to!

Quebec rockers Tonnerre emerge with La nuit sauvage, a heavy dose 70s-inspired rock that takes cues from AC/DC and Blue Öyster Cult—complete with French-sung lyrics! 

There is something in the air in rural Quebec, Canada. Known for its deep, long winters, not to mention its thick, unyielding forests, Quebec’s pastoral beauty evokes the kind of prolonged, deep-into-the-night gatherings by a fire (with some libations, too) that some can only dream about. But for the members of Tonnerre, it is part of the fabric that brought them together to create a timeless form of blues-based rock that bobs the head and shakes the hips. The band’s debut album, La nuit sauvage, was created from the very nights the band spent in the countryside with friends, drinking the aforementioned beer while telling stories and listening to music. And like night itself, La nuit sauvage is an album that gets darker and more mysterious as it unfolds.

1. La nuit sauvage
2. Le grand corbeau
3. La brunante
4. Ceux qui sommeillent
5. La danse du feu
6. Les enfants de la nuit 03:28 video
7. L'esprit de la forêt
8. Les flambeaux du ciel
9. Mouches à feu
10. L'auror