TORONTO - Under Siege - LP
TORONTO Under Siege

Under Siege

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etichetta: Dying Victims
anno: 2020
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


Hailing from Sweden, TØRONTO formed in 2017, partly out of the ashes of the sorely missed Morbus Chron – vocalist/guitarist Edvin Aftonfalk and bassist Dag Landin, here under the stage names Eddie Flawless and 79-83, respectively – and also powerhouse drummer Leo Ekström Sollenmo, from the well-respected Lethal Steel and Temisto, under the name Lt. Oxtreme as well as Seb Cyborg on guitars, also from Temisto. With this lineup in place, the quartet released their debut demo in 2018 and then the Nocturnal High tape on DYING VICTIMS later that year. That latter title alone suggested that something strange ‘n’ salacious was indeed afoot…

1.Fast and Filthy 03:24
2.Fire in Sight 03:33
3.Frostbite Bitch 02:59
4.Mud City Maze 01:29
5.23-11-0 02:04
6.Ride the Rails 03:50
7.Bunker (Under Siege) 02:26
8.Lights Out at Bedlam 02:52