Trembling Void - The Burning Question - CD
Trembling Void The Burning Question

Trembling Void
The Burning Question

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etichetta: Inferna profundus
anno: 2022
formato: CD
Condizione: Nuovo

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Following Trembling Void’s inaugural demo release which offered up 7 tracks of raw, yet melodic black metal, comes the release of the new arrival’s first full-length offering: ‘The Burning Question’. Carrying on in a parallel approach whilst simultaneously refining it, this concoction of trance inducing litany shows no signs of losing the project's signature edge. Listeners will be served 7 anti-psalms which range in style from 2nd wave mainstays to something completely non genre-bound. It is in these unique moments that ‘The Burning Question’ shines bright. Thematically the album follows a soldier of darkness into the Trembling Void where he seeks an answer to the question of his existence. Futility and despair intertwine throughout this opus of bleak hopelessness. Fans of the burgeoning Canadian black metal scene take note: LP and CD release via Inferna Profundus Records and Cassette by Banner of Blood coming this fall.

Limited edition jewel case CD.

1 Intro 4:18
2 Voiceless Whisper 4:55
3 Excercise In Futility 8:09
4 Despair 4:49
5 True Abomination 6:15
6 Inky Black Hallways 7:29
7 The Burning Question 7:20