ULTRA SILVAM - The Sanctity Of Death - TAPE
ULTRA SILVAM The Sanctity Of Death

The Sanctity Of Death

€ 12,00

etichetta: Shadow Records
Data di uscita: 07 aprile 2022
formato: TAPE
Condizione: Nuovo


It was but March 2019 when Sweden’s ULTRA SILVAM displayed the full furl of their powers with the debut full-length The Spearwound Salvation. In a mere deadly 28 minutes, the power-trio swiftly ‘n’ succinctly asserted their identity, proudly upholding their home country’s history of melodic black metal during the glorious ‘90s but driving toward something uniquely their own – and VIOLENTLY so. In fact, ULTRA SILVAM’s execution alone was palpitating: every ringing chord, every bashed drum, and every slaughtered tongue bled an authenticity that was refreshing to behold. The fact that they lock-welded such unsafe (and unsterile) execution to dazzling ‘n’ dynamic songwriting made The Spearwound Salvation all the more impressive.

1 Dies Irae 3:51
2 Sodom Vises Himlafärd 5:07
3 The Sanctity Of Death 3:44
4 Tintinnabuli Diaboli 1:25
5 Förintelsens Andeväsen Del II 4:16
6 Black Soil Fornication 3:03
7 Incarnation Reverse 5:00
8 Of Molded Bread And Rotten Wine 5:20