UNFELLED - Pall of Endless Perdition - LP
UNFELLED Pall of Endless Perdition

Pall of Endless Perdition

€ 28,00

etichetta: Season of Mist
Data di uscita: 17 marzo 2023
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


Emerging Pagan black metal project Unfelled (ft. members of WOODS OF DESOLATION, DRUDKH, AUSTERE) is rising from the underground to release its debut full-length, ‘Pall of Endless Perdition.’ Designed by the same mastermind behind Woods of Desolation, the project serves as a vicious and violent counterpart to its elegant and melodic predecessor, showcasing multi-instrumentalist D.’s impressive musical duality. Musically weaving together fury and triumph with aggression and melody, the lyrics predominately centre on bloodshed, war and death – the threefold cloak beneath which lies eternal darkness.