URDOL UR - Seven Portals To The Arcane Realms - DIGI CD
URDOL UR Seven Portals To The Arcane Realms

Seven Portals To The Arcane Realms

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etichetta: Northern Silence
anno: 2022
formato: DIGI CD
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Collector's Edition in 6-panel Digipack, limited to 999 copies.

The story begins in the aftermath of the great wars of Ur. As guardians of the lands of the second era, Qroleûs and Ahaz-Tharkaêl embark on a solemn journey through a world of ash and ruin. An enduring quest to gather the last vestiges of arcane powers and to obtain the lost wisdom from the world of Ôrd. As they traverse through the seven portals and beyond, their destiny unfolds under the banner of Urdôl Ur.

Influenced by Epic Black Metal luminaries such as Summoning and Caladan Brood, the music of Urdôl Ur is also highly recommended for fans of these bands as well as Emyn Muil, Forlorn Citadel and similar acts.

1 Prelude 1:06
2 Visions Of Ancient Battles On The Plains Of Baergloire 9:38
3 Pond Of Mana 1:22
4 Munloire 9:05
5 Emerald Crypts Beneath The Ancient Meadow 1:11
6 The Darkened Pass (In The Shadows Of Thozzt Dogor) 10:34
7 A Wizard's Lament 2:39