UTHULLUN - Dirges for the Void - LP
UTHULLUN Dirges for the Void

Dirges for the Void

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etichetta: Argento
anno: 2020
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo

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100 copies on "Miasmal Green & Smoke" (THIS) and 150 black copies.
Includes double sided insert and polysleeve.

the opening of a thousand eyes in utter blackness.
the soft weeping of countless souls who lost all.
the smile of blood as a throat is cut
and the soft sigh as life escapes the wound.

take these as talismans in the waking world,
a crystallization of utter dread and despair.
take these dark gifts, this music of suffering.
let this woe entrance you and surrender.

A1 Sunless 4:18
A2 Silence 6:33
A3 Penitence 5:15
A4 Ecstacies 5:51
B1 Pyre 6:16
B2 Returning Home 4:35
B3 Down Rivers Of Spilled Blood 7:46