VALDRIN - Throne of the Lunar Soul - 2LP
VALDRIN Throne of the Lunar Soul

Throne of the Lunar Soul

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etichetta: Blood Harvest
Data di uscita: 14 febbraio 2024
formato: 2LP
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No longer one of the metal underground's best-kept secrets, VALDRIN began picking up momentum with the 2018 BLOOD HARVEST release of their second album, Two Carrion Talismans - epic, shapeshifting blackened death that was both timeless and fresh - and then eclipsed that achievement two years later with third album Effigy of Nightmares, also released by BLOOD HARVEST, whereby the band dove deeply into the bluish purple depths of '90s melodic black metal. To hear comparisons to Vinterland, Sacramentum, and Sweden's Dawn wasn't mere hyperbole; it was assertive truth, as commanding as VALDRIN's songwriting mastery. Which is to say nothing of the band's ongoing Ausadjur Mythos, a fantastical tale begun with their Beyond the Forest debut album and which forms the lyrical basis of all since.

AI Neverafter 6:29
AII Golden Walls Of Ausadjur 7:51
AIII Seven Swords (In The Arsenal Of Steel) 4:45
BIV Paladins Of Ausadjur 7:41
BV Sojourner Wolf 8:07
CVI The Hierophant 5:20
CVII Vagrant In The Chamber Of Night 5:31
CVIII Holy Matricide 8:32
DIX Throne Of The Lunar Soul 8:54
DX Two Carrion Talismans 6:48
DXI Hymn To The Convergence 3:10