VALLENDUSK - Heralds of Strife - 2LP
VALLENDUSK Heralds of Strife

Heralds of Strife

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etichetta: Northern Silence
Data di uscita: 02 novembre 2022
formato: 2LP
Condizione: Nuovo


Gatefold, incl. download,199x transparent green/black marble

With their 4th album "Heralds Of Strife", Vallendusk created a triumphant and uplifting album that is more optimistic in approach and delivery than your average Black Metal release. The songs are classic-styled Melodic Black Metal, but with a modern, somewhat brighter sheen than normal, allowing the band to bring in their own personality and individuality, distinct from so many others.

1 The Last Soar As The Feathers Fall 9:27
2 Towards The Shimmering Dawn 9:31
3 Ethereal Echoes Of Devotion 9:16
4 Solivagant Heart 7:32
5 Marching Ballad Of The Unsung Ones 8:31
6 Immemorials In Eternal Slumber 7:40
7 The Sovereign 11:25