VANANIDR - Beneath the Mold - CD
VANANIDR Beneath the Mold

Beneath the Mold

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etichetta: Black Lion
Data di uscita: 07 giugno 2023
formato: CD
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Vananidr is a band that sprung out of the ashes of black metal band Hydra. Hydra was active between the mid nineties and 2006, since they split up Anders have been creating his take on black metal fused with melodies from Swedish folk music. In late 2019 Anders recruited two new members, Ljusebring on drums and Rickard on guitar.

In January 2020 Fredrik Andersson (A Canorous Quintet, Netherbird, This Ending, ex-Amon Amarth, ex-Therion (live), ex-Guidance of Sin…) joined the band on drums.

2022 the band is back with their new album "Beneath the Mold" offering nothing but the best Swedish Black metal.