VANSKOPUN Alsæla Gegnum Endurfæðingu

Alsæla Gegnum Endurfæðingu

€ 14,00

nazione: ICE
anno: 2017
formato: MLP
Condizione: Nuovo


Reissue of long sold out Barghest demo cassette, "Alsæla Gegnum Endurfæðingu" comes now as single side vinyl with laser etching on side B

The music creates a suffocating atmosphere of black doom, distorted, sometimes ponderous in its pacing, and crafted around bleak melodies. Interestingly, as in the case of Svartidauði, the bass often plays a prominent role in the music, and there’s some interesting black-prog guitar noise to accompany the skittering tremolo melody in the EP’s long second track, which is my favorite. The title track is also quite dynamic, with dramatic changes in pace and intensity and more of that creative guitar dissonance.