Various Artists - Blood Ceremonies (CD+DVD DIGIPACK) - 2CD
Various Artists Blood Ceremonies (CD+DVD DIGIPACK)

Various Artists
Blood Ceremonies (CD+DVD DIGIPACK)

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etichetta: AFM
anno: 2011
formato: 2CD
Condizione: Usato

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CD-I Morbid Angel– Existo Vulgore
CD-II Watain– Reaping Death
CD-III Rev 16:8– Agenda
CD-IV Byfrost– Of Death
CD-V Ofermod– Death Cantata
CD-VI The Devil's Blood– Christ Or Cocaine
CD-VII Facebreaker (2)– Epidemic
CD-VIII Nachtmystium– Addicts
CD-IX Necros Christos– Succumbed To Sarkum Phagum
CD-X Deicide– To Hell With God
CD-XI Sonne Adam– We Who Worship The Black
CD-XII Helrunar– Älter Als Das Kreuz
CD-XIII Blut Aus Nord– Epitome II
CD-XIV Bolt Thrower– Mercenary
CD-XV Moonsorrow– Unohduksen Lapsi
DVD-I Behemoth (3)– Ov Fire And The Void
DVD-II Triptykon– Shatter
DVD-III My Dying Bride– Bring Me Victory
DVD-IV Primordial– Gods To The Godless
DVD-V Dismember– Override Of The Overture
DVD-VI Rev 16:8– Flame Salvation
DVD-VII Carpathian Forest– Black Shining Leather
DVD-VIII Taake– Umenneske
DVD-IX Darkthrone– Too Old Too Cold
DVD-X Negura Bunget*– Tesarul De Lumini
DVD-XI Helheim– Dualitet Of Ulver
DVD-I Todtgelichter– Café Of Lost Dreams
DVD-II Urfaust– Das Kind Mit Dem Spiegel
DVD-III Hell (3)– Blasphemy And The Master