Various Artists - KALEIDOSCOPE VOL 1 - BOOK
Various Artists KALEIDOSCOPE VOL 1

Various Artists

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A4 print, 196 pages Digital print on 90grs IOR paper, 255grs CLA soft cover binding with matte finish

Collected works 2005-2013 vol. 1, compiled by A Klemi.  Featuring:

- Agalloch, The Gault, Conjuration, Mephisto, Pest, Verge, Todesstob, Nuit Noir

- Kill, Nocturnal Graves, IC Rex, The Syre, Bone Awl, Morbosidad, Necros Christos, report on Ireland Undetground

- Forgotten Woods, Toil, Hateful Abandon, Slidhr, Primal Dawn, Thralldom

- Amesoeurs, Current 93, Hypothermia, Grippiud, Primordial, Alcest, Blasphemophagher, Arkha Sva, Ride For Revenge, Secrets Of the Moon

- Trelldom, Drowned, Incantattion, Ash Pool. SOL, Ramesses, Coffins, Denouncement Pyre, Four Riders of Black Death Doom

A dedicated work reflecting our young fire within Underground, back in early 2000's

...The first five issues in this first part, and two parts more coming later.