WERIAN - Lunar Cult Society - DIGI CD
WERIAN Lunar Cult Society

Lunar Cult Society

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nazione: GER
etichetta: Eisenwald
anno: 2017
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Nuovo

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"Werian" is an old Germanic expression for the act of man transforming into a werwolf by wearing wolfskins and practicing shamanistic rituals under the use of psychedelic medication.

Conceived and formed by musicians with different musical backgrounds during 2009, Werian intends to create something unexpected without musical limitations. Their fusion of raw Black and Doom Metal combined with elements of Rock and psychedelic embellishments gave birth to their own style of music, described by the band as 'Experimental.Black.Doom.Art'.

'Lunar Cult Society' is a re-issue of the two sold out demonstration archivements from Werian. Inviting the listener once more to step into the wolfcult and the realm of obscure rites. Haunting alchemy paired with grotesque and inductive sonication. Transformation doctrines, you shall awake and follow the call of blood...

"Werian" DEMO I (2011)
"Among Humans" DEMO II (2014)
"Werian ALIVE" Bonustrack
Recorded live at Nekrowerk Club, Nordhausen, Germany, during March 18th, 2017.