WINTERBLOOD - Finsternis - 2LP


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etichetta: Kunsthall
Data di uscita: 23 aprile 2021
formato: 2LP
Condizione: Nuovo

Disponibile dal 23 aprile 2021

When Stefano Senesi inaugurated his minimalistic dark ambient outlet WINTERBLOOD with the release of his debut full-length "Le fredde ali dell'inverno" in 2008, both, his project's name and the album title that translates as "The Cold Wings of Winter"‎, demonstratively pointed towards one of his favoured artistic sujets. In his stunning catalogue of currently 29 albums, the Italian has returned time and time again to rather nordic themes revolving around the cold season, but also other left-hand topics such as darkness, loneliness, magic, and forests.

With the 2019 digital release, "Finsternis", Stefano Senesi has most successfully evoked the eponymous darkness of its German title and frozen cineastic soundscapes delivered in his typical, minimalistic style that has been aptly dubbed "polar ambient" to such a degree that it has caused a continuous demand from the Italian's following for a physical release ever since this album came out. Kunsthall now gladly heeds the call and proudly presents WINTERBLOOD's "Finsternis" in a beautiful black and silver gatefold double-album edition on black vinyl.

1. Chapter l
2. Chapter ll
3. Chapter lll
4. Chapter lV