WODE - Burn In Many Mirrors - LP
WODE Burn In Many Mirrors

Burn In Many Mirrors

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nazione: U.K.
etichetta: 20 Buck Spin
Data di uscita: 21 ottobre 2021
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


Returning with their third scathing blast of profane black death metal, England’s Wode now join with 20 Buck Spin to unleash ‘Burn In Many Mirrors’, their most potently wild and predatory work yet. With six new tracks spanning 40 minutes of meticulously summoned infernal ferocity Wode scorch the landscape and drape it in the foul reek of death’s fog.

1.Lunar Madness 06:12
2.Serpent's Coil 05:09
3.Fire In The Hills 06:48
4.Sulphuric Glow 04:43
5.Vanish Beneath 06:24
6.Streams Of Rapture (I, II, III) 09:53