WORMWITCH Heaven That Dwells Within - Ltd

Heaven That Dwells Within - Ltd

€ 24,00

etichetta: Proesthetic
anno: 2019
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo



1st pressing, 300 copies made 

 The most beautiful surprises sometimes come from unexpected horizons, andWormwitch is the last proof.

 Canadian black metal band, second full lenght

1.Disciple of the Serpent Star 05:01
2.Vernal Womb 05:42
3.Two Wolves 03:53
4.Spirit Braid 03:27
5.Benighted Blade 04:52
6.Midnight Sun 04:28
7.Dancing in the Ashes 04:43
8.Lord of Chains 03:08
9.Iron Woman 05:49
10.Alone Before the Doors of the Silent House 04:28