YOTH IRIA - As The Flame Withers - CD
YOTH IRIA As The Flame Withers

As The Flame Withers

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nazione: GREECE
etichetta: Pagan Records
Data di uscita: 25 gennaio 2021
formato: CD
Condizione: Nuovo

Disponibile dal 25 gennaio 2021

Yoth Iria is the brainchild of Greek black metal veterans Jim Mutilator and The Magus - the duet which developed and pioneered the underground scene back in the day.

Yoth Iria's music is an amalgam of the influences and visions of its creators. Dark, diabolical, emotional, powerful and majestic. A fresh look into '90s Greek occult black metal with a nostalgia of the past and a look into the future.

1. The Great Hunter
2. Yoth Iria
3. Hermetic Code
4. The Mantis
5. The Red Crown Turns Black
6. Unbound, Undead, Eternal
7. Tyrants
8. The Luciferian