YOTH IRIA - Under His Sway (VINYL) - MLP
YOTH IRIA Under His Sway (VINYL)

Under His Sway (VINYL)

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nazione: GREECE
Data di uscita: 04 giugno 2020
formato: MLP
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Yoth Iria - The return of the greatest ones. A massive comeback from the duet, which developed and pioneered the underground scene back in the day. Jim AKA Mutilator was the first bassist and a founding member of the Greek black metal band Rotting Christ. He was also the first bassist in Varathron, while Magus or Morbid is a Greek musician and producer, mostly known for his work in the Greek black and death metal scenes. His mostly known for his collaboration with bands such as Necromantia, Rotting Christ, Thou Art Lord and many more.