BLUT AUS NORD - 777 Cosmosophy (2012 press) - LP
BLUT AUS NORD 777 Cosmosophy (2012 press)

777 Cosmosophy (2012 press)

€ 60,00

nazione: FRA
etichetta: Debemur Morti
anno: 2012
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


near mint / black vinyl

The denouement. At the centre of an infinite structure in perpetual deconstruction, « 777 – Cosmosophy » represents the instinctive manifestation of human and obsolete conception of Time. Where the light feeds the darkness, where every second is the Eternity and sounds the death knell – the monumental work of the eccentric soul gets lost in a deep echo… and this echo is the sublime Sound of the Universe. A beautiful tragedy; a tragic beauty. Devastatingly restrained, the climactic movement in the monumental « 777 » trilogy represents the culmination of a rapturous evolutionary process. Arguably BLUT AUS NORD’s most-daring venture yet, the third and final chapter represents both the beginning and the end. Et le Chaos se tut…