BLUT AUS NORD Deus Salutis Meæ

Deus Salutis Meæ

€ 13,00

nazione: FRA
etichetta: Debemur Morti
anno: 2017
formato: DIGI CD
Condizione: Nuovo


Deus Salutis Meæ (“God of my Salvation”) is the truly mesmeric new emission from BLUT AUS NORD, the great Black Metal innovator renowned for disdain toward convention and a murderous relationship with boundaries.

Using frightening alchemy and predatory cruelty, BLUT AUS NORD fuses each distinct era of its 23 year existence with innovative readings of cavernous, arcane Death Metal, the occult excesses of outsider Industrial and the abject hauntings of psychotropic Doom.

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