CRAFT White Noise and Black Metal

White Noise and Black Metal

€ 20,00

nazione: SWE
etichetta: Season of Mist
anno: 2018
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo

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12" black vinyl in deluxe jacket with gloss laminate. Including a 30cm x 30 cm double sided insert. First pressing 650 copies worldwide.

CRAFT have chosen their title as a perfect description of this symbiotic relationship into which the seeming contrast and contradiction of black and white enters. With 'White Noise and Black Metal', the Swedes return to strength after a long hiatus following the release of previous full-length, 'Void' (2011). The forthcoming album combines the vitriolic virtues of 'Terror Propaganda' (2002) with an updated songwriting that is as mature and intelligent as it is razor-sharp. The fast and furious of extreme metal contrasts with dark and depressive passages with added undertones of black ‘n’ roll. Now CRAFT are ready to take a giant step in their career with the extremely strong, 'White Noise and Black Metal'. This is misanthropic Swedish black metal honed to perfection.