Forlorn Citadel Songs of Mourning / Dusk

Forlorn Citadel
Songs of Mourning / Dusk

€ 12,00

etichetta: Northern Silence
anno: 2018
formato: CD
Condizione: Nuovo


Forlorn Citadel is an Atmospheric Black Metal project from Australia, formed in 2017 by multi-instrumentalist Solace.

Originally conceived as a Medieval/Dungeon Synth style project, a short demo entitled “Dusk” was released in the early months of 2017.

The addition of traditional Black Metal elements on the 2018 demo “Mourning” solidified a more defined sound of which Solace wishes to expand upon.

Forlorn Citadel is currently working on a debut album with plans to release in 2019.

This release features both demos and comes highly recommended for fans of Epic Black Metal á la Summoning and Dungeon Synth á la Mortiis.

The CD is released as part of the Northern Silence Underground Series and comes in jewel case, limited to 500 copies.