HULDER - Verses In Oath - DIGI CD
HULDER Verses In Oath

Verses In Oath

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Data di uscita: 01 febbraio 2024
formato: DIGI CD
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 The hauntingly grandiose new Hulder album Verses In Oath, created during the dreariest cold months of the Northwest winter, constitutes the most majestic, untamed manifestation thus far in the band’s journey of conquest, as new territory is put to flame and conquered by sword and shield.

• Majestic black metal from the colds of the Pacific Northwest

#1 An Elegy
#2 Boughs Ablaze
#3 Hearken The End
#4 Verses In Oath
#5 Lamentation
#6 An Offering
#7 Cast Into The Well Of Remembrance
#8 Vessel Of Suffering
#9 Enchanted Steel
#10 Veil Of Penitence