INTO THE ARCANE Het Verlangen der Geest

Het Verlangen der Geest

€ 6,00

etichetta: Vic Records
anno: 2017
formato: CD
Condizione: Usato


Ito The Arcane hails from The Netherlands and was formed in January 2016 by (ex) Dead End members Jeroen van Riet, Gunther Weerepas and Alwin Roes. Into The Arcane delivers atmospheric doom metalheavily rooted in old school death metal. "Het Verlangen der Geest" is their debut. The lyrics concern the darker corners of the mind and arcane historic tales. The band is currently promoting the EP and working on a full length album, to be expected in the winter of 2017/2018. Mixed and mastered by Robin Cornelissen (Pentacle, Morthra, Infernal Majesty).