LYCIA - The Burning Circle And Then Dust (TEST PRESS) - 3LP
LYCIA The Burning Circle And Then Dust (TEST PRESS)

The Burning Circle And Then Dust (TEST PRESS)

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etichetta: Avantgarde Music
Data di uscita: 15 dicembre 2023
formato: 3LP
Condizione: Nuovo


5 copies pressed 

Full set of 3x test pressings black vinyls (side AB, side CD, side EF)


The Burning Circle and Then Dust is Lycia’s fourth studio recording, originally released on double CD via Projekt Records in 1995. Save for a small CD re-release in 2006 by Silber Records, the album has never been reissued since. It is hence with great pride that here at Avantgarde Music we officially announce a new edition of one of Lycia’s masterworks from the ‘90s, due out on 2CD as well as triple LP, making this the first Burning Circle vinyl release ever.
Mike VanPortfleet himself commented: “After several years of doing more synth oriented material I wanted a return to my guitar roots (in particular English post punk and 4AD). Lycia started as a guitar based band and I wanted to reaffirm that with disc one, which was originally going to be the release. I was also listening to a lot of shoegaze then, which inspired a return of making the guitars, as opposed to the synths, the focal point of the atmospherics.”.
Many things have been said about the album along the last twentyeight years, and the band chose the following to describe the record.
Per - The Burning Circle And Then Dust was a groundbreaking point in Lycia’s career. It marked a shift from more atmospheric music towards song-oriented music with tracks like “Pray” & “Slip Away.” It marked the first collaborations between Mike VanPortfleet & Lycia members David Galas & Tara Vanflower. It marked the transformation of Lycia into a honed out live touring machine.
Per Pandamonium Magazine via - Moving back into more formal song structures, Burning Circle returns to true song-writing, and places equal emphasis on guitar as the electronics. However, the music is as intense and powerful as ever, conjuring up vast vistas of soundscapes which are captured in delicate webs of song and structure. Songs like “Pray” are positively dance friendly, while others find Lycia moving towards the fertile ground of darkpop. breathtaking in scope and beauty, exultant in vision, exhilarating in sensory delight. Lycia have arrived.
Per Ned Raggett of AllMusic - a high point of American dark rock and the band's greatest and most ambitious work.