MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY - Shards of Silver Fade - 2CD
MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY Shards of Silver Fade

Shards of Silver Fade

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nazione: AUS
etichetta: I Voidhanger records
anno: 2015
formato: 2CD
Condizione: Nuovo

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If Midnight Odyssey's previous work, 2011's "Funerals From The Astral Sphere" has become a cult release and is today cherished as one of the finest examples of atmospheric/ambient black metal, "Shards Of Silver Fade" is certainly going to break new grounds and impose the Australian act on a wider audience, independently from metal sub-genres and styles.

The funeral doom grandeur of Tempestuous Fall and the dark-wave vibe of The Crevices Below - Dis Pater's past projects - have been successfully injected into Midnight Odyssey's cosmic black metal body, redoubling the emotional intensity and dark majesty of its melodies. The result is nothing short of an epic masterpiece, a visionary night voyage of over 2 hours connecting our ancient pagan past with the apocalyptic feelings of a cosmic death.

2xCD, 140 minutes playing time ! 28-page full colour booklet!