SADISTIK EXEKUTION - 30 Years Of Agonizing The Dead! (LP+7") - LP+7EP
SADISTIK EXEKUTION 30 Years Of Agonizing The Dead! (LP+7")

30 Years Of Agonizing The Dead! (LP+7")

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nazione: AUST
etichetta: NWN
anno: 2019
formato: LP+7EP
Condizione: Nuovo

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Color Vinyl: Orange Splatter

Color 7": Red

One of the most vile and tormented sounds to ever exist is the “Mental Metal Musik” belonging to none other than the now infamous Sadistik Exekution of Sydney, Australia.
Although these lunatiks gained much of their notoriety from their full-length albums, the full scope of Sad-exe’s unforgiving violence cannot be entirely appreciated without proper exposure to the atrocities committed on their demos and EPs. Nuclear War Now! has conspired with none other than Dave Slave himself to dig up several of these wretched slabs of audial torment and once again offer them posthumously to any who dare expose themselves to such vileness.

Contains tracks from:
-Agonizing the Dead Demo 1992
-Suspiral Demo 1991
-Demon with Wings EP 1996
-Sadistik Elektrokution EP 1997
-Demo 1987

Side Fukk
Agonizing The Dead Demo
A1 Agonizing The Dead 5:58
A2 Magus 3:11
Suspiral Demo
A3 Suspiral 2:41
A4 Ipsissimus 4:02
Side Kunt
Demon With Wings EP
B1 Proxima Centauri 4:06
B2 Demon With Wings 4:12
Sadistik Elektrokution EP
B3 Sadistik Elektrokution (Bastard Mix) 3:45
B4 Voltage By Sadism 4:21
B5 Bastard Bass 0:35
Rehearsal Demo 1987
Side Mental
C1 Possessed Haemorrhage 3:48
C2 The Magus 3:26
Side Shit
D Sadistikly Exekuted 6:32