SELVANS - Dark Italian Art (gold/black vinyl) - LP
SELVANS Dark Italian Art (gold/black vinyl)

Dark Italian Art (gold/black vinyl)

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Data di uscita: 12 dicembre 2021
formato: LP
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Gold and Black vinyl, limited to 200 copies

Three years after the second full-length 'Faunalia', the singer/keyboardist Selvans returns with a new EP.
'Dark Italian Art' is definitely the Manifesto of the Italian composer. Selvans confirms the prog rock and symphonic influences introducted in the previous work (with Goblin and Devil Doll ruling the roost), imprinting them definitely in his folk-horror scenery.

The EP introduces 'Corvo Morto' (Italian for 'Dead Crow'), a character created by Selvans in collaboration with the horror writer Luigi Musolino and to whom the track 'Verrà Corvo Morto' (Italian for 'Corvo Morto will come') is connected, as well as the homonimous tale attached to the 80 pages digi-book version of the EP.
Aside from the second new track 'Iò Pan!' and the outro 'L'Errante', Selvans celebrates the artistic heritage of his country with the cover of 'The Hanged Ballad' taken from the first Death SS' album and a cover medley of the legendary album 'Inferno' by Metamorfosi, a progressive italian rock band from the 70's.

This will be the first work in which Selvans is joined by his full live band, made of valid musicians who are with him since several years of concerts.
Learnt the lesson of the great masters of the horror and the absurd in music – with Screamin' Jay Hawkins and King Diamond above all – Selvans offers a decandent and peculiar interpretation which is brazenly Italian.
Walking among woods and ruins of ghost villages, Selvans leads a procession of outcasts hidden behind animal masks, on a muddy stage weaved with roots, whispering rituals of rural magic and cursed doggerels.
Curtains up!


1. Introduzione (Metamorfosi cover)
2. Verrà Corvo Morto
3. L’inferno (Metamorfosi cover medley)
4. The Hanged Ballad (Death SS cover)
5. Iò Pan!
6. L’Errante