SERPENTS OATH - Nihil (gold/black splatter vinyl) - LP
SERPENTS OATH Nihil (gold/black splatter vinyl)

Nihil (gold/black splatter vinyl)

€ 19,00

etichetta: Soulseller
anno: 2020
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


SERPENTS OATH is a new creature comprised of 3 Belgian scene’s adepts.

Their rebellious debut album 'Nihil' is set to take the world by storm with its relentless and unforgiving mix of nihilistic black metal. Witness the unleashing of the beast on December 4th through Soulseller Records!


Alternate cover art compared to cd version! Wonderful vinyl edition housed in outer sleeve on 350gsm w-w carton, coated paper with silver lamination and matt machine varnish; double sided printed inner sleeve on 220gsm w-w carton & double sided insert on 250gsm art paper with matt machine varnish.

1. Vox Mortis
2. Speaking in Tongues
3. Leviathan Speaks
4. Thrice Cursed
5. Malediction
6. Serpents of Eight
7. Bestia Resurrectus
8. Into the Abyss
9. Mephisto
10. The Beast Reborn
11. The Swords of Night and Day
12. Beyond the Gates