ULTRA SILVAM - The Spearwound Salvation - LP
ULTRA SILVAM The Spearwound Salvation

The Spearwound Salvation

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etichetta: Helter Skelter
Data di uscita: 14 giugno 2019
formato: LP
Condizione: Nuovo


12" LP-jacket on black vinyl, comes with inlay and A2-poster. Limited to 500 units! Second press with white cover. 

The Spearwound Salvation blisters forth with an incredibly ripped-raw style of black metal that possesses a poignant, magical sort of melodicism. At once familiar and foreign, ULTRA SILVAM attack with urgency and emotion but always with an palpably human touch that spits in the face of so much sterile "extreme metal." Every ringing chord, every bashed drum, every slaughtered tongue: each and every note and movement across the album bleeds an authenticity that's refreshing to behold. And yet, that would all be for naught if the band didn't possess commensurate songwriting chops - and indeed they do here, all seven songs making swift, enviously compact work within The Spearwound Salvation's 28 minutes. Many of these riffs will possess you for days, if not weeks or months or... 

1.The Spearwound Salvation 03:11
2.Ödesalens uppenbarelse 05:09
3.Birth of a Mountain 04:02
4.Förintelsens andeväsen 01:57
5.Wings of Burial 03:19
6.A Skull Full of Stars 04:14
7.The First Wound 06:00