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Offerte: CD, Vinili, DVD, Merchandise e Usato - musica Black Metal e Dark estrema

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Akhtya feat Corona Barathri -  Ištar Labbatum

Akhtya feat Corona Barathri
Ištar Labbatum

Ishtar Labbatum is a dark ritualistic ambient recording which exalts and invokes the Luciferian Goddess of ancient Mesopotamia, ISHTAR, represented as the planet Venus: The Morning & Evening Star. The structure of this album possesses interlayers of specifically composed and arranged sounds, atmospheres, and voices. Two tracks on this album, 1. ISHTAR LABBATUM & 2. ISHTAR LABBATUM (Queen of Heaven II) are a ritualistic collaboration of recordings between AKHTYA and CORONA BARATHRI. Ishtar in ancient Assyria, Babylonia and Sumeria (as Inanna) was the Goddess of Love (lust, desire) and War (rejoicing in bloodshed in temple hymns).
Ishtar is the balanced manifestation of the Luciferian Mind as present in the individual who rejects blind faith and outlets such as the media in trying to control human ability to use rational logic and critical thought. Ishtar Labbatum presents ancient hymns and invocations to Inanna/Ishtar in her most violent and lustful incarnations, manifest in a structure of modern sound and ancient instruments including the lyre and frame drums

Dark Adversary
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HAXAN - Tales of aphotic woods and hidden vales

Tales of aphotic woods and hidden vales

Dark Folk from France

CD in Digipack with golden hot stamping

For fans of folk guitars, rainy ambiences and medieval sorcery

€ 12,00 € 10,08

Taje Skal

Very interesting and quite unique Black Metal with certain Folk-vibe but definitely without any hippie and happy modern melodies. No clean singing here! Eerie vocals add the right atmosphere to keep the music grim and sinister.

New era
€ 16,00
ABSTRACT THE LIGHT - Magna Sapientia Quaerere - to the depths of thy soul...

Magna Sapientia Quaerere - to the depths of thy soul...

This 2nd release and first full length long player from ABSTRACT THE LIGHT, sees a continuation and further development of the sounds and feelings touched on on the debut release “From Out Of The Void” yet steps further into the dark and mystical folk sounds and bleak and emotive black metal touched on in passages previously...

Further drawing influence from a life of experience, trials and tribulations, loss and sadness this album delves further into the psyche of man.

“MAGNA SAPIENTIA QUAERERE : to the depths of thy soul...” was again recorded, mixed and mastered by Jarred Nettle at the House Of SAP, and this time features some excellent vocal contributions from our friends Rowan London (Virgin Black), Gregor Pikl, Sandra Mortis, as well as guest lead guitar performance by Jason Van Den Driesen, and Cello played by Hannah Yates.

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ULVER - Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven & Hell

Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven & Hell

The paradigm-shifting fourth studio opus from Norwegian pioneers, Ulver

2CD deluxe digipack edition including a retrospective look at the album by writer Jeff Wagner. 

Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven & Hell includes guest vocal appearances from Darkthrone’s Fenriz, and Ihsahn and Samoth (Emperor).

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Vacuum Gamma-Noise Transition

Swiss black metal void sculptors DSKNT are back with their immense sophomore LP "Vacuum γ-Noise Transition", a devouring nightmare of omnipotent sonic annihilation conceived at the most liminal edges of sanity. The reality-destroying album takes shape as a dark and multidimensional hallucination deep into reality's most cryptic and terrifying truths, a place where entropy and chaos assume near-corporeal and hyper-realist forms, becoming empirical laws and axioms of all manifestations therein, with the music serving as the abhorrent mathematical key that allows the listener to unlock this realm beyond and "see" the horrors that populate reality beyond the reach of the five senses and of the terrestrial dimension. Harrowingly evocative and devastating beyond comprehension, "Vacuum γ-Noise Transition" assumes its hideous form through a ravaging maze of managed guitar fractals, eviscerating compositional deconstructionism and an inhuman event horizon of decaying soundscapes and oppressive atmospheres that dismantle the listener piece by piece, forcing mind and soul apart to disintegrate in each other's reflection.

Sentient Ruin Laboratories
€ 24,00

Über den Sternen (ARTBOOK)

CD hardcover book (18x18 cm, 48 pages) incl. Bonus-Track “The Crimson Heath”, foreword, liner notes to every song and nature photography taken by the band 

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Suicide Forest - Reluctantly

Suicide Forest

Three years after their fascinating debut, Suicide Forest is back with Reluctantly, a sophomore album which further develops their art. Taking their name from the Japanese Aokigahara forest, where many troubled 
people travel to end their life, the one-man band from Tucson, Az., moves from classic depressive black metal coordinates and expands their sound palette. As a result, Reluctantly settles somewhere in between DSBM, atmospheric black metal and post-black/blackgaze.
The perfect company for restless souls, Reluctantly reminds of the eerie keyboard patterns of Burzum and the dilated atmospheres of contemporary US black metal pillars like Ash Borer, mixed with some unpredictable twists such as dissonant riffs and solos. Suicide Forest will please both those looking for furious up-tempos and the more introvert blacksters, looking for a sanctuary from the outside world.
Multi-instrumentalist and mastermind A.Kruger wrote Reluctantly in the second half of 2019, before the pandemic struck us all, but began tracking the album at his home studio in early 2020. About the lyrics, when asked what themes inform his work, he plainly replied: The whole album focuses
on the themes of resent and isolation, feelings that were only compounded considering the entirety of Reluctanlty was recorded during the covid-19 lockdown”.


Avantgarde Music
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"Angstbeißer", taken from the new album "Jupiter" by Stillers Tod. Order "Jupiter" as double vinyl (limited to 250 copies) or as CD with DVD-sized digipack and 20-pages booklet (limited to 100 copies) on

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€ 18,00
ABSU -  ...And Shineth Unto The Cold Cometh...(Galaxy Vinyl)

...And Shineth Unto The Cold Cometh...(Galaxy Vinyl)

 ...And Shineth Unto The Cold Cometh... was the follow-up/companion 7”EP released shortly after Absu's The Sun Of Tiphareth in 1995. With a one-time pressing of 500 copies, this new version is now presented as a single-sided 12” (B-Side exposing a screen-printed Absu logo) and alternate sleeve design. (Full-color poster included)

491 x white & black galaxy effect 12" (140g) - SIDE B silkscreen print, printed innersleeve on 220g, A2 poster full-color on 150g art paper, Jacket with silver print on 350g, all assembled in a PVC overbag.

€ 20,00 € 14,00
FURNACE - Dark Vistas

Dark Vistas

Conceptual death metal in a both melodic, thrashing and gothic setting. What if Paradise Lost, Deceased and any Swedish death metal band of choice came together for a full on story telling album? Well then you´d have FURNACE´s "Dark Vistas". Comprised of members from Paganizer, Demiurg and Assassins Blade aswell as Cult of the Fox and Void Moon this Swedish outfit explores a new melodic death metal vista of sorts. Its still death metal but its also much more, delve deep into the Lovecraftian and cult riddled mythos of FURNACE with "Dark Vistas".

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