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Offers: CD, Vinyl, DVD, Merchandise and Second hand - Extreme Metal and Dark music

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ABSTRACT THE LIGHT - Magna Sapientia Quaerere - to the depths of thy soul...

Magna Sapientia Quaerere - to the depths of thy soul...

This 2nd release and first full length long player from ABSTRACT THE LIGHT, sees a continuation and further development of the sounds and feelings touched on on the debut release “From Out Of The Void” yet steps further into the dark and mystical folk sounds and bleak and emotive black metal touched on in passages previously...

Further drawing influence from a life of experience, trials and tribulations, loss and sadness this album delves further into the psyche of man.

“MAGNA SAPIENTIA QUAERERE : to the depths of thy soul...” was again recorded, mixed and mastered by Jarred Nettle at the House Of SAP, and this time features some excellent vocal contributions from our friends Rowan London (Virgin Black), Gregor Pikl, Sandra Mortis, as well as guest lead guitar performance by Jason Van Den Driesen, and Cello played by Hannah Yates.

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DSKNT - Vacuum Gamma-Noise Transition

Vacuum Gamma-Noise Transition

Swiss black metal void sculptors DSKNT are back with their immense sophomore LP "Vacuum γ-Noise Transition", a devouring nightmare of omnipotent sonic annihilation conceived at the most liminal edges of sanity. The reality-destroying album takes shape as a dark and multidimensional hallucination deep into reality's most cryptic and terrifying truths, a place where entropy and chaos assume near-corporeal and hyper-realist forms, becoming empirical laws and axioms of all manifestations therein, with the music serving as the abhorrent mathematical key that allows the listener to unlock this realm beyond and "see" the horrors that populate reality beyond the reach of the five senses and of the terrestrial dimension. Harrowingly evocative and devastating beyond comprehension, "Vacuum γ-Noise Transition" assumes its hideous form through a ravaging maze of managed guitar fractals, eviscerating compositional deconstructionism and an inhuman event horizon of decaying soundscapes and oppressive atmospheres that dismantle the listener piece by piece, forcing mind and soul apart to disintegrate in each other's reflection.

Sentient Ruin Laboratories
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A moment of love

Copenhagen based DETEST has created and delivered obscure trends since the beginning of the 1990s to people who love death metal. The band's legendary 94 release 'Dorval' expanded the framework for death metal, and has since demonstrated how to perform and craft malicious wickedness.

Dark Symphonies
EMPYRIUM - Über den Sternen (ARTBOOK)

Über den Sternen (ARTBOOK)

CD hardcover book (18x18 cm, 48 pages) incl. Bonus-Track “The Crimson Heath”, foreword, liner notes to every song and nature photography taken by the band 

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"Angstbeißer", taken from the new album "Jupiter" by Stillers Tod. Order "Jupiter" as double vinyl (limited to 250 copies) or as CD with DVD-sized digipack and 20-pages booklet (limited to 100 copies) on

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ZALMOXIS - A Nocturnal Emanation

A Nocturnal Emanation

ZALMOXIS stands for storming and epic German Black Metal. Still early days, this concurrent project of Fortress of the Olden Days mainman Entheogen has so far released two demos - the latter of which, Pralayic Beheading, was released by brother label HARVEST OF DEATH. These early works suggested a restless soul steeped in the ancients, black metal of a most medieval vintage.

Now ZALMOXIS strikes back with an ambitious 25-minute single track ominously bearing the title A Nocturnal Emanation. A none-more-apt description of its contents if there ever was one, here Entheogen patiently builds an ethereal-yet-thick fog of sorcerous swirl, its strangely alluring spell drowning the listener in dissonace and dislocated melody. And yet, despite its grandiose length, A Nocturnal Emanation manages to engage at every step, each one rife with grim abandon and on the verge of self-combustion but then righting itself into a surprising twist of texture. This misty 'n' mystical landscape beckons complete immersion...dare you enter?

Signal Rex
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SANCTUARY - Into The Mirror Black (3LP - 2020)

Into The Mirror Black (3LP - 2020)

2020 Official reissue in super heavy TRIPLE LP vinyl, with many bonus and king-size booklet

Century Media
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ANACHITIS - The Sorcerer’s Sorrow (digi CD)

The Sorcerer’s Sorrow (digi CD)

This is the solo project by Uada founding member and guitarist James Sloan, a kaleidoscopic black metal creature deeply rooted in the depressive black metal sounds of the Nineties.
The Sorcerer’s Sorrow is Anachitis very debut, where obscure, minimal synths pave the way for obsessive guitar riffs and desperate shrieks recounting a tale of despair and self destruction. In Sloan’s words, “There is an underlying story here being told backwards of someone who desperately seeks answers to escape the pain of existence through esoteric practices, but finds nothing but a path to total self destruction”.

Avantgarde Music
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ADAESTUO - Tacent Semitae (vinyl)

Tacent Semitae (vinyl)

debut mini-album of ADAESTUO, Tacent Semitae. A swirling breath of otherworld energies, Tacent Semitae is a startling and profound introduction to this otherwise-unknown band.
ADAESTUO was formed as a covenant between three wandering souls at the unhallowed crossroads where the darkest elements of ambient, black metal, and spiritual praxis conjoin.

Ascolta su YouTube

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GOLDEN LIGHT - Sacred Colour of the Source of Life (LP)
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NEXION - Seven Oracles (LP) white black marble vinyl

Seven Oracles (LP) white black marble vinyl

12” 140g vinyl (200 white/black marble light),  printed inner sleeve, 200gsm art paper matt, 16pp 12” booklet in 300gsm outer sleeve with 4mm spine 

Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Lockhart at Studio Emissary, Iceland. Band Photos by Void Revelations. Band Art and Calligraphy by Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal.

Avantgarde Music
€20.00 €15.00
DROUGHT - Trimurti (black vinyl)

Trimurti (black vinyl)

Regular black edition, comes with printed innersleeve and with an insert

Drought is an entity spawned to channel its creators’ creative energy in a black metal form. The Tantric concept has been adopted to transform this energy into a tale of upheaval and elevation, using fire as a metaphor to celebrate spiritual transformation through cleansing, drawing purity from impurity. After a promising debut EP Drought fell into several years of silence, from which they will finally rise this spring to unleash their first full-length album, Trimurti.

As a Lotus grows from the swamp, enlightenment comes from improvement and regeneration. In Trimurti this theme is reprised from the previous ep Rudra Bhakti (2016, also on Avantgarde Music) and deepened, generating three suites - each explaining one of the three phases of this spiritual turmoil, as well as the three phases of Pranayama, and overall, the three phases of evolution: awareness - transformation - elevation. Nine tracks divided into three conceptual segments - this new opus develops and brings forth the tantric concept of the previous release, articulating it into a full spiritual blast of extreme music.

When asked to introduce the album, Drought said: “Trimurti represents the tantric chemistry of our creative energies and the ones kept within the sea, the mountains and the woods which surround us, channeled into music to celebrate the eternal life hidden in this world and in the ones behind it”.

Trimurti will be out on cd and lp (regular and limited) on May 15th / 22nd  

Avantgarde Music
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