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Offers: CD, Vinyl, DVD, Merchandise and Second hand - Extreme Metal and Dark music

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COLDWORLD - Isolation (BookCD)

Isolation (BookCD)

48-page Book edition, incl. two bonus tracks, all lyrics, liner notes plus a designed album download card.

Composed during the pandemic-induced lockdown period of 2020/2021, "Isolation" features some of ColdWorld's most expressive compositions to date. Managing to transcend the conventional sounds pursued in what is best described as the "ambient/depressive" black metal subgenre, ColdWorld's newest sonic endeavor draws listeners into an incredibly immersive soundscape, rife with lush classical instrumentation and ethereal, yet occasionally harrowing vocals, the first of which is showcased brilliantly on the album's second track "Soundtrack to Isolation".

Clearly, this music is a truly honest and emotional representation of what the project's sole mastermind G.B. has experienced these past years. As such, the songs that comprise "Isolation" ebb and flow effortlessly, with even seemingly lengthy track durations being navigated masterfully by G.B.'s approach to songwriting and track placement. Throughout "Isolation", listeners may notice influences ranging from more traditional black metal and immensely heavy doom fused with post-rock leanings along the lines of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Of particular note is the use of classical string instrumentation and guitar lead harmonies that harken back to early My Dying Bride. However, it is the fusion of these elements and their interpretation through the creative mind that allows to confront listeners with an incredibly individualistic sound.

The creative and diverse vocal work featuring layered clean vocals, harrowing wails, a fascinating form of what is possibly throat singing as well as profoundly deep growls give "Isolation" an unmistakable edge over many of ColdWorld's contemporaries in a rather crowded scene. As such, listeners are sure to return to these eight tracks regularly, as this work is not easily grasped in its entirety on a first listen. Although it makes a staggering first impression, this record demands to be experienced repeatedly.

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Terminal Nation / Kruelty - The Ruination Of Imperialism (color vinyl)

Terminal Nation / Kruelty
The Ruination Of Imperialism (color vinyl)

***ON LIMITED SEA BLUE CLOUDY VINYL!!! The second split release of the year from 20 Buck Spin sees the return of Terminal Nation for the first time since the crushing Holocene Extinction album released in the bleak pandemic summer of 2020. Joining them on the split is Japan’s ultra heavy kingpins Kruelty, fresh off tour dates in both the U.S. and Europe after releasing the furious A Dying Truth and Immortal Nightmare in 2020.

Reinforcing the fact of being one of the heaviest bands on the planet, Terminal Nation offer three new tracks on the A side, declaring all out war on the imperial masters pulling the world’s strings. The darkness of death metal and Bolt Thrower’s tank march matched with the ferocious power of the hardcore breakdown, the songs are teeming with a nation’s rage on the brink of boiling over into full blown chaos.

Kruelty similarly have found the sweet spot where hardcore meets old school steamrolling death and doom metal. “Suppression” and “Under Your Pressure” reveal some of the bands most punishing, structure-leveling riffs and bloodied beatdowns to date.

Additionally each vocalist from Terminal Nation and Kruelty also appear with guest vocals on a track from the other with Tatami of Kruelty appearing on Terminal Nation’s “Sacrificial Capital” and Stan Liszewski of Terminal Nation appearing on Kruelty’s “Under Your Pressure.” Heaviest split of 2022? Easily…


20 Buck Spin
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Southern Temple of Medieval Worship

Opening with a fug of crypt-dwelling ambience, and the distant howls of the bloodthirsty Wampyre, building through riff and atmosphere towards a clearer skied climax in the more epic medievalism from Ages of Blood. A perfectly ascendent split with euphoric trajectory from the raw to the radiant, balanced by the pivotal Beulenpest who features in both projects.

Signal Rex
SATANIC WARMASTER - Black metal massacre - white cover
Rare -20%

Black metal massacre - white cover

Released in an edition of 500 numbered copies with white cover. (#389/500) - (#390/500)
Recorded live on the 1/4/2006 in Lappeenranta, Finland.

Media Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-)
Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)

Deathrash Armageddon
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VENUS PRINCIPLE - Stand In Your Light
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THERION - Time Shall Tell

Time Shall Tell

Hammerheart Records, 180g black vinyl, insert, Faithfully replicated from the original, still containing the old school feeling; Finally available again: the much sought after debut mini-LP by Swedish Therion. Pure old school Death Metal recorded in 1989 at the legendary Sunlight Studio. ?Time Shall Tell? is the ultimate expression of Therion?s Death Metal relevance and this recording is as brutal, sinister and abstract as anything from the early Swedish Death Metal scene. While their Stockholm contemporaries were busy pounding out punk-based riffs, Therion sounded like they were orbiting the gravitational field of a supernatural vortex. The band?s Hellhammer/Celtic Frost influences have been over-matched by their Possessed and Morbid Angel influences, to great effect. This was the band?s first experience in the legendary Studio Sunlight. ?Time Shall Tell? was recorded in December 1989, almost exactly the same time as ?Left Hand Path?. Therion were never derivative of Nihilist/Entombed, the best parallel is with Grotesque, who recorded (part of) their ?Incantation? EP in the same studio a few months later. Both bands had an evil, twisted sound with lots of tempo changes and some keyboards. Therion never sounded as wild or extreme as Grotesque, but they were heavier and more disciplined. Both EP?s feel like they?re tapping into an alternative vision of early Scandinavian Death Metal. These four songs are the most evolved, complex compositions the band had made until that point. In any case, they sound better, noisier and more abrasive in their original form. Skogsberg got it right on his first attempt. The great thing about music like this is its unpredictability. Death Metal as disorientating and dark as this is a rare beast. Rarely does a band express themselves in ways that resemble what Therion did here. ?Time Shall Tell? is pure in freedom of expression, and thus stands the test of time.

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MARA - Loka Mær

Loka Mær

Immortal Frost
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The Word Of His Law

• Debut album of esoteric underground black / death metal 
• Features artwork by Karmazid (Skaphe, Urfaust, Stormkeep) with additional art from Lupe Vasconcelos (Spirit Possession, Auroch) 

20 Buck Spin

Gelderse Nachtsagen

Debut album. Black Metal based on folklore and legends from Gelderland.

New era

Four cassettes bundle

This is an offer to purchase the 4 tapes in bundle at 40.00€ instead of 48.00€ (if you would buy them individually)

Avantgarde Music

Under Satan's Wrath - Ltd

Limited to 450 hand-numbered copies black vinyl housed in gatefold sleeves.

Black metallers LUCIFER'S CHILD and MYSTIFIER have partnered up for a Greco-Brazilian split release on Agonia Records.

George Emmanuel (ex-Rotting Christ), who co-launched LUCIFER'S CHILD in 2013, commented: "After almost a year and half of isolation and profound research, we gave birth to a new seed of evil, 'Under Satan's Wrath'. This deep rooted journey contains three new songs from each band, with some special revelations where conspiracies between Mystifier and Lucifer's Child divulge. A further step beyond the borders of safety, a further step into the abyss where our freedom to craft and sculpt our sound liberates."

On behalf of MYSTIFIER, whose been around since 1989, founder Beelzeebubth commented: "It's a pleasure taking part on this monunental split EP with our Greek comrades. It was the right moment to reveal our new band members: Kaverna on lead guitar and Apophys on drums. We met George during a long European tour in 2016. Nice to see him conquer the world with Lucifer's Child. Hope in the next days, after this pandemic lockdown, we can share the stage together again."

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