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Offers: CD, Vinyl, DVD, Merchandise and Second hand - Extreme Metal and Dark music

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AETERNUS - ...And So The Night Became

...And So The Night Became

Deluxe 8-panel digipack. The classic masterpiece and second Aeternus album of black dark Norwegian metal finally re-issued! Heavily rooted in the classic black metal scene from Bergen, Norway, Aeternus first released their second album "...And so the night became" in 1998. 22 years later the long overdue re-issue is finally presented with the original cover art!

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Various Artists - 50 vinyls box - special offer !

Various Artists
50 vinyls box - special offer !

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50 LPs for 250.00€

A lot of 50 vinyls, NEW and unplayed: assorted titles, miscellaneous picks from our general webstore catalog, meaning that you will also find in here products normally on sale at 16.00/20.00€.

We are giving this opportunity only to three customers, there are only 50x3 vinyls available.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this is an offer mainly addressed to EU-customers for freight cost reasons. The stock weighs around 20/22kg and we can not guarantee reasonable shipping costs for overseas Countries or Norway. But if you really are interested, please drop us a mail to inquire about the specific shipping cost to your address.

€500.00 €250.00

Unus (LP)

Furious canadian black-death metal ala Behemoth

Season of Mist
€18.00 €14.40
BOSQUE - Beyond (LP)

Beyond (LP)

€16.00 €10.08
INFIDEL REICH - Reichenstein


INFIDEL REICH are something of a cross-continental supergroup, featuring ACHERON founder Vincent Crowley on vocals, early ASPHYX guitarist Tony Brookhuis, prolific drummer Bob Bagchus (ex-Asphyx, Soulburn, Grand Supreme Blood Court etc), and one McNasty on bass. The band released their first recording, the self-titled Infidel Reich EP, in 2017 through HELTER SKELTER, proving that old dogs don’t learn new tricks – because there’s no trickery involved in the INFIDEL REICH!
And prove that they do with their crushing and cantankerous debut album, Reichenstein: an utterly devastating 41 minutes of true “Working-Class Death Metal” victory! A true sum of their all-too-considerable parts, INFIDEL REICH sonically hearken back to the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, influenced as they are by the death metal, punk, and thrash of that era. Mighty names invoked include Carnivore, Venom, Motörhead, Celtic Frost, and S.O.D., but Reichenstein exudes its own unique charm – with the force of a steel-toed boot.
But, let it be known that INFIDEL REICH does not endorse any political, religious, or racial agendas. “We are the voices of reason and truth,” they confidently declare.

Helter Skelter
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WICKED KING WICKER - God Is Busy​.​.​. Save Yourself

God Is Busy​.​.​. Save Yourself

Wicked King Wicker is pure doom. Their brand of guttural expression leaves nothing for the listener than the caustic reality of the darkest side of life. It is heavy, barbaric and void of hope. Wicked King Wicker has taken the power of doom metal and added noise to mix to make its point. 'God Is Busy... Save Yourself' is their 6th album, and their first released outside of the U.S. Wicked King Wicker stands alone as the heaviest, most brutal doom imaginable and it may take you places you don't want to go.

Cold Spring
€10.00 €5.00
PANTHEON - Draugrs Daug

Draugrs Daug

Limited to 188 hand-numbered copies. Pressed on 180g vinyl. Housed in a 350gsm envelope-style cardstock jacket with 7mm spine.

€35.00 €24.50
VIRULENT SPECTER - Upon a Dead and Derelict Throne

Upon a Dead and Derelict Throne

Compilation LP of both demos. Raw, intense, noisy.

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APOKRYPHON - Subterra - A5 cd

Subterra - A5 cd

A5-sized digipak with extended booklet, printed on offset paper

Apokryphon is the new project by Zorgh, Darkspace founding member and bassist. This new band has nothing to do with Darkspace, hence it would be inappropriate to make any kind of comparison between the two. Quite the opposite, after twenty years crafting a certain kind of music (and a certain kind of black metal), the Bern-based musician wanted to explore something different, and this is why you should expect a totally distant approach to both themes and sounds. The multi-instrumentalist even chose a new alias for herself, here going by the name of Ophis.

We asked Ophis herself to express her thoughts about this new adventure she embarked on, which you can read hereunder: Apokryphon literally means "hidden" or "dark" and refers to the apocrypha, old esoteric scriptures written by a variety of people that were either actively hidden or controversial and therefore excluded from public viewing or biblical content, for example. Many of them were found to be heretical, some were related to gnosticism. Many of them were written in the geographical area of the Middle East about 2000 years ago. ”Subterra" thematically relates to themes treated in the apocrypha. Musically, it is rooted in black metal, decorated with oriental spices. It is an expression of my own personal and musical identity and themes that touch me generally. I have chosen to liberally interpret both apocryphal texts and black metal in my very own way. And with "Djinn" I have found the perfect voice to interpret most of the vocal aspects. 

After more than a decade of cooperation, at Avantgarde Music we have the utmost respect for the Swiss trio, and when one of the few women in the black metal world expressed her wish to produce an (almost) solo album we knew we wanted to give her our full support before even hearing a single note. Once we had Subterra in our hands, we were but proven right.

We hope you’ll find Apokryphon as interesteing as fascinating as we did. Subterra is scheduled for release on the 14th of February, 2020.

Avantgarde Music
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APOKRYPHON - Subterra black vinyl) 2LP

Subterra black vinyl) 2LP

Gatefold cover with A4 sized book insert
Double vinyl in two colors options: smoke gold/black on clear-vinyl (100) or black (200)

(This version: BLACK)

Avantgarde Music
€22.00 €17.60
WOLVENCROWN - Of Bark and Ash

Of Bark and Ash

Atmospheric, battle black metal from Uk! 

Avantgarde Music
€17.00 €11.90
VIALS OF WRATH - Dark Winter Memories

Dark Winter Memories

Visionary Vials of Wrath's newest album delivers forty minutes of cold yet detailed and intimate atmospheric black metal. The drums undergird the melodies admirably, and the dynamic between the acoustic and electric guitar passages is seamless and lovely.

Flowing Downward
€10.00 €8.00
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