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Offerte: CD, Vinili, DVD, Merchandise e Usato - musica Black Metal e Dark estrema

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ENISUM - Forgotten Mountains (white vinyl)

Forgotten Mountains (white vinyl)

After the successful response of this album release, first press got sold out in a few weeks.

We are therefore opening preorders for the Second press, available as white vinyl or "evergreen" vinyl!

Almost four years after Moth's Illusion, Arpitanian black metal veterans Enisum, from northern Italy, are back with a brand new studio album, the fifth in their career.
Forgotten Mountains is a journey through mountains and life, a path that leads Man to the highest peak, to face his own existence and its meaning. Enisum’s new album consists of eight atmospheric gems for fans of Wolves In The Throne Room, Earth And Pillars and the most intimate and naturalistic side of black meta

Avantgarde Music
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Arrival (black vinyls with etching)

A special edition - double black vinyl with side D etched!
100 copies only

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Towards the Pillars


This marvellous yet unusual chapter of Earth and Pillars sidereal journey is now finally getting a vinyl release and will remain carved in wax in time...
This is an extra limited release, almost a fan-club edition.
The die-cut sleeve makes it a must-have release for lovers of aesthetics too.
One only press of 200 copies!

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€ 26,00
BAT MAGIC - Feast Of Blood (red vinyl)

Feast Of Blood (red vinyl)

Comes in red vinyl with etched side B and includes large poster

Following an international cassette release, BAT MAGIC‘s Feast of Blood is finally slated to be released on vinyl by American label and merch dealer Labyrinth Tower.

Following an antihero into the grips of vampirism and dark magicks, BAT MAGIC‘s 2021 debut took the latter half of black metal’s tag and concentrated heavily on the genre’s metallic roots. A riff-heavy affair with nods to the greats and lesser known artists alike, Feast of Blood‘s bloodthirsty attack is an overwhelming affair of black metal, heavy metal, and many other styles thrown into a ferocious meat grinder, garnering praise from Stereogum, Decibel Magazine, No Clean Singing, and many other forward-thinking metal publications.

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ULVEHYRDE - Englemakersken
Rarità -30%


WOODEN BOX, Limited to 100 copies, including :
Hard Wooden Box printed on Fire
Band's hangled symbol METAL Pendant
Embroidered cut out/iron-on silver band's logo patch
Numbered card with band's photo directly autographed by the band
Digipack CD (w/12 page booklet)

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AND OCEANS - As In Gardens, So In Tombs

As In Gardens, So In Tombs

Season of Mist
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Prelude to Obscurity (Blood Red Vinyl)

Ltd Blood Red Vinyl

An underground brutal death metal demo grail finally unearthed after twenty-five years rotting, 20 Buck Spin presents Prelude To Obscurity! Hailing from Wisconsin in the shadow of the Milwaukee Metal Fest, Embalm formed in 1995 while in high school in the era of Ablated Records, Frozen Dawn CD compilations and IllNoiz Death Fest to name a few. Embalm created truly memorable grooves of mid-paced, catchy, and brutal-as-hell Midwest death metal, also including the customary influence of Swedish death metal and even touches of Dissection-style harmony, setting this demo apart from any forced retro nostalgia. Despite staying local, Embalm was a part of a larger network and held their own supporting bands like Rotted, Internal Bleeding and Incantation. While this collection focuses on the masterwork and tragic final demo aptly titled Prelude To Obscurity, sicko freaks will be treated to the literally impossible to obtain first Demo ’95 as well, showing the most evil and grim basement necro recordings that, while primitive and cruel, still hold minimalistic memory of true underground demo cassette culture. Also included in a rare find are the two final live tracks that sadly never made it to the studio, written after Prelude and showing the band’s insane dual vocal / multi-lingual genius for darkness, slam and tortured leads. Painstakingly remastered from original DAT and cassette tapes by Arthur Rizk, the collection includes a massive time capsule booklet of flyers, ephemera, zine reviews, and live photos from the bygone glory days of true brutal death metal! A guidepost for any new band looking for a glimpse of time tested ‘brutal stuff’. A first time co-release between two modern underground titans, 20 Buck Spin and Hospital Productions.

• Reissue of obscure Midwestern demo brutality from the ‘90s
• Includes massive 24-page booklet of flyers, old artwork, zine reviews etc
• Remastered by Arthur Rizk
• Includes a bandcamp download card
• First time co-release between 20 Buck Spin and Hospital Productions
• For fans of Fleshgrind, Deaden, Broken Hope, Dissection, Witch Vomit, Torture Rack

20 Buck Spin
€ 28,00


Bosco Sacro is an Italian quartet founded in 2020. Its members have been constantly releasing and performing music within the Italian and European underground scene during the last decade: Paolo Monti (The Star Pillow, DAIMON), Giulia Parin Zecchin (Julinko), Luca Scotti (Tristan da Cunha) and Francesco Vara (Tristan da Cunha, Altaj).

Inspired by visions of sublime, reconciling vastness coming from the contact with nature and landscapes, united by a genuine devoutness to the practice of music as an healing, liberating movement, their style features dreamy atmospheres, slowed-down rhythms and an intense sonic and spiritual depth. Their musical roots come basically from ambient, doom and trip-hop.

The creation of their debut album Gem came as an impressively spontaneous and clean, natural process, leading to the creation of a sound which unites all past experiences of each individual musician into a new expressive language. With the skillfull contribution of producer Lorenzo Stecconi (who worked with Amenra, Zu, Ufomammut and Lento among the many), Gem was recorded in an unique session during the first days of October 2021 at AMM Monteggiori Studio, a peaceful place in the Tuscan hills surrounded by silence and woods


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BAD MANOR - The Haunting (black vinyl)

The Haunting (black vinyl)

black vinyl

“A house, high on a hill, filled with a mystical air.”

Emerging from the burgeoning Ordo Vampyr Orientis circle, black metal entity Bad Manor's energetic and whimsical debut The Haunting weaves a series of dark tales surrounding the band's titular mansion. Inhabited by dark spirits and curses alike, Bad Manor's vision of black metal looks not to grim forests and minimal musical ideas but rather vivid, imagination-driven scenes, curious tales, and sinister, active musical ideas alike. Featuring a paired book illustrated by artist Landis Blair and with stories recounted by the mysterious author and medium Stephen R.C. Sicreeve, The Haunting's multidisciplinary approach to black metal – filled with secrets and hidden passages – is as sprawling and chaotic as the house itself. Lose yourself in its hallways, but don't let yourself disappear. Listeners and readers alike: beware.

Each new homage becomes a portrait, each new portrait becomes our legend.

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ORDINANCE - Relinquishment


Originally released in 2014 by Ahdistuksen Aihio and rightfully considered by those in the know as one of the best and most unique Finnish Black Metal recordings made in the '10s, the vinyl version of this masterpiece has been long sold out world-wide.
Pressed onto three sides, the double vinyl is housed in a beautiful gatefold jacket and comes with a 20-page booklet with lyrics.
”Relinquishment” lights the lantern of your seeking by intertwining the ominous, bold and versatile musical, lyrical & visual qualities of the album into a 65 minute crescendo of fury.

Crash summer sale
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