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IKARIE - Cuerpos en Sombra

Cuerpos en Sombra

Ikarie is a newborn band formed by experienced musicians from the Mediterranean coast of Spain. They describe themselves as a band developing “the concept we call cosmic existentialism, which is about our freedom and responsibility as a rational species, aware of its insignificant, terrifying and astonishing existence in the universe”.

Cuerpos En Sombra is the first album by Ikarie, a post-metal opus in the vein of Cult Of Luna and Year Of No Light, “a legend of ghosts, of those who emerge from the deepest wounds of the soul. Installed in their universe of silent and silenced scars, inspired by the desert and sea landscapes of the Spanish Levant where we grew up, it delves into the theme of the human being from its limits, where it almost ceases to be, in a world where perhaps it is not allowed to be”.

The album deals with “what happens and doesn't happen when we become an unproductive and annoying absence, showing a series of desolate places and characters as if they had come out of the collective imaginary of the uncomfortable, painful and demented”.

Cuerpos En Sombra is the first chapter of a trilogy in which Ikarie intend to denounce the stigma of being different, the lack of resources in everything related to mental illness and the pathologization of people with problems which are mainly structural.


Avantgarde Music
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Häxanu / Collier d'Ombre
Seasons In Haxan Dark

A fantastic split between these two projects of occult Black Metal from the United States. Häxanu is one of the most recent projects of Alex Poole, who should need no introduction, being involved in many of the most notorious and groundbreaking acts in recent years, and counts already with two full-lengths under this moniker, which also involves L.C. of Lichmagick on vocals. Collier d'Ombre is a recent project born from the ashes of the Vrasubatlat circle, and spearhead by its mastermind, R., whose blasphemous contributions in the past 10 years could also not be overstated. Two different acts, but both perfectly balancing a sense of devotion and understanding of what Black Metal should be and stands for, deeply rooted in the 90s ways, Häxanu more into the Scandinavian traditions of Arckanum whereas CdO seems to be more inspired by the Hellenic strains of Black Metal. Both crafting a sound perfectly balancing melody and triumphalism with raw aggression and witching darkness, but with approaches that are absolutely unique and contemporary without being derivative.

Amor fati
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Second Disaster (二度目の災害)

Second installment “二度目の災害” (‘second disaster’) from the enigmatic black metal entity Arkhtinn takes us on a dark voyage into the cold dead space. Arkhtinn is a part of the Prava KolleKtiv consisting of an anonymous group of musicians. Over the past few years, the band has released a number of demos, but it was until the year 2018 that this enigmatic outfit released its debut album. “最初の災害“. The band provides a cosmic sense of the palpable atmosphere creating a brooding mood for the listener with the use of electronic samples combined with the oppressive percussion and rhythm guitars adding immense sensibility to the growing atmosphere of the music transcends in the sonic realm of cosmic black metal. The keyboards here form thick layers on top of the blistering tremolo-picked riffs that are meticulously infused with the massive outburst of the drums keeping the music flowing deep.

Amor fati
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Cursed to the Night

Amor fati
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DAUTHUZ (Dauþuz)

Amor fati
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Lyset skinner best i m​ø​rket

This sophomore album by Urkraft celebrates darkness and the lights that shine in it, be they campfires, streetlights or the stars. Through seven tracks, the listener is taken on a journey through forests rife with wondrous complexities, where the blackest of nights are illuminated by the cold glow of the moon.

Urkraft's music is a relentless assault of savage riffs and haunting melodies, driven by thundering drums and punctuated by anguished screams that echo across the barren wastelands.

With "Lyset skinner best i mørket", Urkraft delivers an uncompromising ode to the beauty of darkness and the power of black metal to channel its primal energy. Prepare to be embraced by the shadows that lurk within. The darkness awaits...

Polypus Records
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Existing at the forefront of the Polish black metal movement, Blaze Of Perdition return in 2024 with their sixth full-length, Upharsin – a product of the band members environments and is somehow a step back to a more orthodox approach of black metal.
Having their previous album The Harrowing Of Hearts released right before the beginning of a global pandemic was a setback for Blaze Of Perdition since all touring plans on both sides of the pond were reduced to ash and the band consquently went on some sort of hiatus. Blaze Of Perdition still played a handful of shows from time to time but mainmen S. and XCIII decided to mainly focus on their other bands Manbryne and Piolun respectively for a while.

Musically, Upharsin is a step back from the somewhat unusual direction the band followed on The Harrowing of Hearts. A rather dark and pessimistic tone is reflected by appropriately opressive music. Haunting and melancholic melodies rooted in traditional black metal meet unforgiving blastbeats and solemn marches, while emotional yet feral vocals aim to bring a proper sense of rage and disgust.

Metal Blade
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