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Flowers Of Evil - Blue Vinyl

Limited to 1000 copies:
Blue 180g vinyl in thick printed inner sleeve and thick card stock leeve including 12" matte paper booklet.

The band stated: ‘Flowers of Evil‘, the new studio album from ‘Ulver‘, finds the wolf pack exploring the fear and wonder of mankind’s fall from redemption. Visions similar to those of Orsini come to mind, as untamed life abounds…’

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All copies on black vinyl.

Hailing from the forever-thriving Finnish black metal underground, FÖRGJORD is one of that scene's stranger and more unique entities. Existing since the mid '90s, the trio have largely shied away from the spotlight - even when that spotlight is blacklit and dim - and patiently parcel out their releases, with a sparse-yet-solid discography to date. Sielunvihollinen - their second album, released to critical acclaim in 2012 - furthered the idiosyncratic FÖRGJORD aesthetic, but now with Uhripuu, they've triumphed yet again with a scabrous 'n' unorthodox journey into black metal's most rotten depths. But for however maldorous their melodicism is, it is precisely that - meldodicism - which makes FÖRGJORD so bewitching, the way oddly hummable passages push past the ripped-raw soundfield and create a wild, entrancing disconnect. It is this aspect which fondly reminds of France's Black Legions, the eternal struggle between trance and trash, but naturally, a distinctly Finnish air of melancholy permeates the mildewed black metal at hand.

Werewolf Records
€ 17,00

The Sun Has Fallen - Ltd

vinyl colors are black and blue/black smoke (THIS)

The classic second album of Mexico's HABORYM, The Sun Has Fallen, on vinyl format for the first time ever. Originally released in 2013 but only on CD format, HABORYM's The Sun Has Fallen was a record literally lost in time. For one, it was the Mexican cult's second full-length after an exceedingly rare debut album in 2002. Secondly, given that the band formed in that fateful year of 1993, HABORYM's black metal breathed an ancient vintage, even this many years later. A veritable portrait of Dorian Gray, The Sun Has Fallen maintained era-authentic values - orkish attack, medieval atmosphere, raw-yet-clear recording, ghostly and distant but somehow forceful - that, when coupled with the relatively varied songwriting, made the album something of a lost classic. One could successfully argue that very little changed in HABORYM's worldview in those 20 years, and all for the better. Thus, The Sun Has Fallen favorably could be slotted alongside physically contemporaneous works by Isvind, Throne of Ahaz, Swordmaster, and even earliest Ancient, Gorgoroth, and Immortal.

Werewolf Records
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Table Of Uncreation - Ltd

Third Album

Pressed on ultra clear cloudy blue vinyl (THIS) and traditional black vinyl.

Hells headbangers
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Vinyl LP, black, 12" in sleeve with glossy varnish & insert (30x30cm) | Vinyl ships outside of sleeve

Many people on this earth are completely unaware of where their oxygen comes from.
This entire planet is an enormous system of synergetic parts that are constantly working and creating.
Everything is linked together. Transpiration begins with ancient, living diatoms in a prehistoric era.
Once feeding in long forgotten seas, their skeletal remains now populate the dense sands of the Sahara desert.
These sands are continuously riding the wind across the ocean to fertilize the Amazon rainforest.
Due to the massive collection of trees in this area, they transpire to create the largest river in the world: the river in the sky.
The journey continues all the way to the Andes Mountains and oxygen disperses throughout the atmosphere.

Ovnev invites you to ride the wind on this atmospheric journey of scientific discovery and botanical wonder.
The earth is amazingly complex and deserves our utmost respect for providing our resources needed to survive.

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NULL (Núll)

NÚLL, also known as 0, was formed in Reykjavík, Iceland in 2012. The band features members of notorious black metal acts such as Misþyrming, Naðra, Carpe Noctem. Their debut album Null & Void was released by Vánagandr and Pest Productions in 2014 and got noticed for its cleaver melodies, eerie nihilist doom metal and creative vocals.
Null means nothing. In celebration of all things hollow and void, howling psalms of naught into the endless emptiness. Whereas Null & Void revolved around nothingness, Entity focuses on futility and obsolescence. Everything is nothing. Nothing is everything.

Van records
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Here, Among The Stars (12'' LP, lim 315)

    • 180g clear vinyl (limited to 209)
  • cover made of rough black solid-colored cartonstock
  • Insert made of black solid-colored cartonstock
  • Black solid-colored poly-innersleeves

Van records
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€ 10,00

Drep de Kristne (amber vinyl)

The Devil Elixir
€ 23,00

split with The Ruins Of Beverast (12"LP clear)

jacket and inlay made of rough, solid-colored black cartonstock with silver print
limited to 1025 handnumbered copies
available editions:
- 180g clear vinyl, additional slipcase with die-cut and silver hotfoil debossing

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€ 20,00
UADA - Djinn (silver vinyl)
Pre ordine

Djinn (silver vinyl)

Firstpress with Slipcase.

Simply titled but by no means simple in construction nor execution, Djinn builds upon the increasingly ambitious songwriting of its no-less-considerable predecessor, but pushes their dazzling artistry into nearly Technicolor landscapes of the Beyond. Upon the first opening notes, this boundless artistry is felt: big, rolling rhythms reminiscent of post-punk, tantalizingly setting the stage for the splendorous expanses to follow. There's a certain magick at play here, no doubt bolstered by the band's rhythm section of Josiah Babcock (who puts in his final performance here) and new bassist Nate Verschoor, erstwhile mainman of Veiled; this throttling-yet-deft foundation both leads and plays acute counterpoint to the spiraling, windswept riffing of founders Jake Superchi (also vocals) and James Sloan, their guitar work transcending the poignancy of prior works. And indeed, Djinn's generous six-song/hour-long runtime no doubt allows the listener the ultimate freedom to roam within Uada's ever-unique world, spanning both smothering speed and deliriously dream-like states, Very Metal urgency and textural exploration alike - put simply, the band at the height of their creative powers. Djiin is truly its own realm of experience.

"Djinn, first inhabitors of this world, the smokeless fire and those we call upon our enemies, has gifted us a 60-minute descent into the modern-day possessions of our existence and demise," state the band, "A duality that can only be known as our third wish."

€ 28,00
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