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Vendita vinili - musica Black Metal e Dark estrema

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WEREWOLF RECORDS is proud to present the long-awaited eighth album of Germany's MORRIGAN, Anwynn on grimace purple w/grey/white marbled effect

€ 27,00


3rd pressing with identical layout as the first two pressings on silver vinyl

Werewolf Records
€ 24,00

Blood incantation (7" ep)

Black vinyl

Hells headbangers
€ 12,00

Et Hav Av Avstand (clear vinyl)

“Et Hav av Avstand" is the 8th full-length studio album from the legendary Norwegian Black Metal band Taake.

It consists of four songs clocking in at 42 minutes, displaying some of the finest songwriting yet from this epic one-man band.

Fierce, but melancholy. Vigorously old-school but also progressive. retaining that unfiltered sense of unique rawness that is synonymous with Hoest’s charismatic sound and musical identity.

Taake still manages to stay relevant and at the forefront of the genre and Hoest, who plays every instrument on the album, has ensured that the album is imbued with the unique Taake sound whilst at the same time developing it further.

This is unmistakably Taake, and as always, an intense work that surprises and enthrals.

Dark Essence
€ 30,00

Ancient Glacial Resurgence

Pressed on white/sea blue galaxy effect heavy vinyl. Comes with a 4-page insert and a download card. Colors on final record may vary to a degree from the mockup.

Emerging from their Arctic hibernation since 2004's infamous "Apocalyptic End in White" album, the inimitable IMPERIAL CRYSTALLINE ENTOMBMENT returns to unleash "Ancient Glacial Resurgence", a long-awaited second full-length onslaught of ravaging Black Metal mania.

A subzero blast of addictive and fucking unhinged savagery, "Ancient Glacial Resurgence" uses a maxed-out barrage of blistering riffage, biting first wave songcraft, harsh second wave coldness and the drive of thrashy full-throttle Death Metal to channel the ancient astral Anti-God Råvaskieth.

Debemur Morti
€ 22,00

Astrolatria I: Initiatio.

Black Metal. new signing for NH! Finnish Black Metal of the Behenian Fixed Stars, first part of a trilogy.

Northern Heritage
€ 22,00

_____ (random color vinyl)

This random colour mix allows you to have completely unique records within one order (each piece is one of a kind and the result is unpredictable, some copies coming with the predominance of one colour and others – totally different).
You can be sure the result will be similar to marble or smoked vinyl, but the rest is a mystery!

Flowing Downward
€ 22,00

Butcher to the Devil's Court

PAIMON GATE’s debut album – BUTCHER TO THE DEVIL’S COURT expands upon the groundwork laid out in the SEVEN LEGIONS demo released last year from this new American Black Metal cult. For fans of brutal Black Metal from a time long lost, the tapestry of influences that make up this work may be noticed via the likes of DEMONCY, VON, old IMPALED NAZARENE, old MARDUK, old SAMAEL and MORBID ANGEL. From a time when the lines between Death Metal and Black Metal were blurred and the potency of dark Satanic music was the focus – PAIMON GATE’s debut album delivers 30 minutes of scathing Satanic work – Executed with an honest and sincere dedication to the evil art of black metal music.

€ 23,00
€ 30,00
DEATH SS - Night of the Witch

Night of the Witch

Part of "The Cursed Singles" boxset printed by Avantgarde Music in 1995

Media Condition: Very Good (VG) 
Sleeve Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+)

Avantgarde Music
€ 30,00

Svoept Morgenroed


Back in the mid 2000’s Norwegian Black Metal was but a faint memory. With the originators treading different paths from where it all started, a craving for what once was needed to be refueled. A small group of individuals from Trondheim, Nidaros found each other and reignited that flame. Through the same malicious intent of creating havoc yet again, distancing ourselves from the current Norwegian ‘scene’, the Nidrosian movement began. This was never meant to be a selling point, nor has it ever been a gang mentality.

It’s simply a handful very different individuals treading the same left hand path, dabbling with aspects of Black Metal unheard of since the glory days. I won’t go into details and incriminate people around me like a certain Count once did, but let’s just say the stories are endless and something we fondly look back at to this day, and dare I say the spirit of old still runs deeply through our veins.

The reason why all projects that flourished from our band of brothers sound different, yet firmly rooted in Black Metal, is due to each project having different masterminds. Everyone contributed by aiding each other. Several demos and projects arose, but one specifically stood out by far very early on. A project that to this day stands like a pillar of Norwegian Black Metal history; KAOSRITUAL.

The band was founded, rehearsed and recorded based off our interpretations of early 90’s Black Metal. The era of murder, arson, Black Magick and spite. I firmly believe what you hear on these recordings, are the same chaos that fueled the originators, and is as genuine as the old classics. I was sitting right there alongside H. "Sarath" Dalen, while he recorded this on tape in the basement of our record store Apocalyptic Empire, in the heart of Nidaros back in 2005. Reminiscing back, I’ll never forget the intense atmosphere, dedication and focus the band had, something I’ve never experienced since, just like their live shows. Nothing will ever compare. The store was very much exactly what Helvete was in the 90’s: a record store ran by us for us, with a basement where recordings were happening non stop, even during the opening hours. The basement was a collective ground for us where lifelong friendships arose, parties ensued, and inspirations were endless. Imagine locking up a bunch of miscreants devoted to the same cause, with no boundaries, no thought or respect for anyone, just all focused on one thing: BLACK METAL. This was always for ourselves, hence why releases are so sporadic. I am truly grateful to not only having been there throughout the beginning, but to have been granted the exclusive right to release several of these gems, and to be able to call these genuine artists and individuals my close friends to this day.

We present to you the restored version of the one and only KAOSRITUAL - Svøpt morgenrød, plus the infamous Rituell katarsis demo and more, remastered by our friend M. of MGLA/No Solace. A special thanks to him for adding his magick to these incredible recordings, and I want to personally thank Blix and Tvedt for letting me finally unleash this upon the world.

€ 32,00

Innerst I Moerket (black vnyl)

Time flies and it's hard to realize 5 years has already passed since the last MANII output; the fantastic and uneasy Sinnets Irrganger. The bleakness of that album is a rarity and it's still an album I keep going back to in the darkest days and moods of the year. Make no mistake: Innerst i Mørket continues right where they left off, but that said, this time the music is even darker, though with a bigger sound contributed by the eminent drummer V. Enride behind the kit, better known from WHOREDOM RIFE and SYNING, to mention a few. As always, MANII delivers severely dicomforting and haunting music, something Cernunnus is an absolute master of as one might know from his other projects like MANES, SYNING, LETHE and more, again completed with some of the most impressive vocals I've heard in years by Sargatanas(old MANES). I dare say this is their best release to date, and you can quote me on that.

€ 23,00
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